Your Safety is Guaranteed

TummyTrim Is Formulated and Made In The USA

  • Formulated In The United States
  • With VERY Specific, VERY Precise Measurements for Guaranteed Consistency
  • Under Strict, Highly Regulated, Highly Controlled Conditions

Every single capsule of TummyTrim is formulated in The United States from exacting standards. Each and every capsule is made from EXACTLY the same quantity of PRECISELY MEASURED ingredients.

In very easy to understand terms, picture a chicken soup recipe. Put all the ingredients together – in the right order – and in the right quantities – and you have a perfect award winning soup. But cook it a little too long, or add a little too much of one ingredient – and you have soup that is inedible. The same is true for ALL supplements – if one ingredient is off (even slightly) or the ingredients are combined incorrectly – the supplement will not work.

TummyTrim is produced, packaged, and shipped, under HIGHLY controlled and regulated conditions – right here in The United States. All of TummyTrim’s ingredients are verified and certified for purity, before being combined using EXACT measurements by WEIGHT – to guarantee that every capsule is 100% the same and 100% effective.


Beware of Supplements Made Overseas

(Even Those Available at Major Retailers)

Beware of purchasing supplements produced overseas – even supplements available over the counter at major retailers. It is an industry secret that supplements produced in Asia are unregulated – and are often produced in “basement labs” using cheap ingredients that are not verified. TummyTrim is produced in America – in a highly controlled and regulated setting.


Satisfaction Guarantee

TummyTrim offers an unprecedented satisfaction guarantee, or your money-back. No questions asked! Simply contact our customer care at 1-866-412-0806. This guarantee is applicable on first time orders only. When a reorder is placed, the guarantee is automatically voided.



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Representations regarding the efficacy and safety of TummyTrim have not been scientifically substantiated or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. See below to review the scientific research describing the benefits, performance or efficacy of the ingredients based on the expertise of relevant professionals.

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